H-Brake Tandem

 H-Brake Tandem
 H-Brake Tandem
 H-Brake Tandem
 H-Brake Tandem
 H-Brake Tandem
 H-Brake Tandem

Descripción de la máquina

Besides the standard H-Brake series and the H-Brake Heavy Duty series, it is also possible to build a number of press brakes next to each other in tandem, allowing synchronous bending by multiple machines. These machines do not have to be identical. It means that very long products can be bent if more than one machine bends at the same time. It is also possible to bend shorter products using double capacity, the two press brakes then operate separately. Versions and machine options depend on the machine type.


  • Pressing force from 175 to 1250 tonnes per machine
  • Bending lengths from 3100 mm to 6220 mm per machine
  • Variable Q size standard
  • Increased Q size optional
  • Increased working width in the side frame available
  • Multi-Touch control with 17" colour screen, 2D + 3D programming
  • Double or multiple guide on the pressing beam
  • Comprehensive CNC controlled and modular backstop with 2 axes as standard, extendable to 9 axes
  • Up to 6 CNC-controlled axes
  • Multiple dX axes available
  • Heavy-duty backstop version including heavy-duty stop fingers with shock breakers
  • Variety of support arms available
  • Sheet thickness measuring system available
  • Multiple safety systems optional available
  • SafanDarley E-Bend L-angle measuring system available
  • E-mate 1000 and 2000 bending aids in heavy-duty versions available

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